Steinthal Jubilee 2nd Flush - A RARE FIND


Pine Tea and Coffee

Steinthal Jubilee 2nd Flush - A RARE FIND

Steinthal Jubilee 2nd Flush 2002 Super Vintage Luxury

Interesting. This doesn’t SMELL like a Darjeeling.

It already intrigues me!

A solid black tea aroma with fruity and floral suggestions! I’m still interested!

The ‘brews’ dark brown with a orange-red hue!

It doesn’t taste like the stereotypical Darjeeling, either.

It’s bolder and darker than the other Darjeelings I have tried…it doesn’t have that crispy-airiness or sweet-wood to it.

This is more outspoken and malty, even.

There are amazing wine-like comparisons I am picking up, too! It must be the grape-esque notes the product description mentions.

REALLY like that about this tea! In the aftertaste I can taste the ‘mentions’ of florally goodness! My favorites parts, tho, are the medium-strong-body with fruity/wine-like natural flavors.

The more I drink this – the more I am shocked and amazed by it. How very different it is from ANY OTHER DARJEELING I have EVER tried!

For THAT…I score it HIGH and savor the moments with this tea.

RRP $50.00 per 100g - Now only $25.00

RRP $100.00 per 250g - Now only $50.00

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