The early days for Clayton Pine as a junior trainee at then family owned Bushells Tea & Coffee were invaluable to the business we run today. What an apprenticeship for him making & tasting 500 cups of fresh origin tea samples that Bushells received daily from the world tea auctions. He remains the last most experienced traditionally trained tea taster & buyer in Australia today.

Learning tea blending techniques, tasting hundreds of loose leaf teas each day for 10 years, visiting tea estates, sale tea rooms and tea auctions in Calcutta, Cochin, Colombo and Jakarta were all most valuable lessons for development of the Silvertip® loose leaf tea range.

As wholesale loose leaf tea suppliers we source all Black, Green, Oolong and White teas from origin taking care to select the best. Single estate loose leaf teas change quality weekly so it‘s important to understand how seasons progress.

And for our Silvertip® specialty loose leaf teas we carry the best flavoured, fruit, herbal, rooibos and exotic teas we can source and we are Australian agents for one of the best tea houses in Germany.

Why not try our exclusive 7th Heaven® Wellness Herbal Tisanes for your next cup of tea.

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