PINE Drum Roasted Coffee Beans Price List / kg


Pine Tea and Coffee

PINE Drum Roasted Coffee Beans Price List / kg


 AUGUST 2023


 Blends by Master Roaster Clayton Pine (49 years experience)



COLOMBIAN SUPREMO Single Origin RAS 2016 + 2017 & Silver MICE 2017 Award Winner $56.00 Medium roasted very smooth All-Rounder. Complex and sweet. Very popular single origin coffee. BRAZIL Single Origin Multi Award Winner $56.00 Daterra Bruzzi Rainforest Alliance Coffee. Perfect versatile, elegant, yet powerful medium roasted coffee. This Boutique Coffee has aromas of cherry and blackberry mingled with strong chocolate notes, accompanied by medium acidity. Outstanding single origin estate, espresso, sweet, smooth & rich. Also suitable for Turkish Coffee.

ETHIOPIAN BLUE NILE Single Origin Multi Award Winner & GOLD MEDAL Royal Hobart $56.00 Medium full roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Chocolatey, nutty, stone fruit, citrus, spice, cream, sweet & smooth. Low acid.

7 th HEAVEN® Single Origin Multi Award Winner $56.00 Superior medium roast from the Ilamatepec Mountain Range, the Western part of El Salvador, known for its high altitude and ideal climate for growing coffee. With notes of cocoa nibs, tropical fruits, honey, bitter sweet. a classic espresso, latte or filtered long black. Perfect for Cold Brew and Pour Over.

KENYA MASAI AA Single Origin – Rich & Rare Multi Award Winner $64.00 Medium Roasted to bring out the best fruit wine sticky syrup flavours. Select blend of PREMIUM Micro-Lot Kenya AA.


SWISS WATER® DECAFFEINATED Multi-Award Winner $60.00 The original and best premium espresso blend of Natural Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Colombian, Ethiopian & Mexican. Clean sweet, textured cup with buttery notes. Mellow citric acidity carries through to a creamy caramel, malt and chocolate finish. Amazing Coffee Without Caffeine. The Swiss Water Processed coffee will naturally appear darker. You will not taste the difference.

CARIBBEAN GOLD Boutique Blend Multi Award Winner $56.00 Medium Mild Roast, Citrus cream & buttery. Rare and exotic coffees of Caribbean origins. A unique blue ribbon blend of the BEST of the BEST connoisseurs coffees. An elite reserve blend.

ORIGINAL BLEND Best Seller RAST 2022 SILVER Medal Multi-Award Winner $56.00 Medium roasted, Superior smooth coffee, Roasted to perfection, unique floral, caramel & chocolate notes. Referred to by Italian connoisseurs as Australia’s own premium Northern Italian coffee

CLAYTON’S HOUSE BLEND Best Seller RAST 2023 SILVER Medal Multi-Award Winner $56.00 Medium Roasted, rich, sweet, full flavour. Best seller from South America, Africa and Indonesia.

TUSCANY #1Best Seller Multi Award Winner – GOLD MEDAL Short Black M.I.C.E. $56.00 High Medium Roasted. Dark chocolate, berry fruit, sweet oranges, pink grapefruit, balanced, thick, intense, sticky syrup, deep liquid gold crema. Stunning short black. Our Best Selling Espresso Café Coffee. BUNGALOW® ORGANIC Sustainably Sourced Multi-Award Winner $56.00 High Medium Roasted. Chocolate, nuts, fruit & Spice notes. Full bodied, good crema. Blend of best Sustainable MICRO LOT Ethical Organically grown coffees.

MOUNTAIN BLEND Popular Choice - High Demand! $56.00 Featuring a Blue Mountain variety of P.N.G. coffee this blend offers good strength at a medium roast level. Deep malty, rich cocoa notes with lingering smooth well rounded finish.

SMOOTH CRIMINAL Café Blend See Special Shelf Pre-Packed SPECIAL = $42.00/kg $56.00 High Medium Roast. Excellent value espresso blend. Balanced, strong but still smooth & lasting flavour.

BLEND 2154 Dark Espresso See Special Shelf Pre-Packed SPECIAL = $35.00/kg $52.00 No Further Discount Blended with 15% Premium Washed Robusta AA for extra crema & caffeine hit. Premium Traditional Italian Style


BARCELONA BLEND Best Seller $60.00 High Roasted, Strong, bitter sweet Dark Chocolate, Cocoa and Maple Syrup Regions: El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uganda, & India. Excellent Espresso! BIN 555 Multi- Award Winner & overall runner-up Golden Bean $60.00 High Medium Roasted. Bold, Rich, classy, with Vanilla, Caramel and Spiced Fruit notes.

FRENCH KALOSI $60.00 Medium & Dark French Roasts Indo-Colombian. Intense, heavy but smooth, Chocolate & Fruity Liqueur

BLAST FROM THE DARK Single Origin – Best Seller $60.00 Dark Roasted, Rich, lingering caramelised fruit. The finest, strongest jungle coffees from Sumatra.

SEATTLE ESPRESSO $60.00 Our new improved blend is stronger, richer and definitely full bodied. Dark roasted, great with milk or as Espresso. Great aroma and crema using Sumatran, El Salvador, Cuba, Ugandan and Indian premium coffees.

DARK ENERGY® Bronze Medal M.I.C.E. $60.00 Very Strong. Double High Roasted Dark. Rich, bitter sweet intense caramel and fruit notes. Developed for high roast addicts. Our richest & strongest hit of caffeine. Popular choice.

CATS GOT YOUR TONGUE See Special Shelf Pre-Packed SPECIAL =$42.00/kg $56.00 Extra Strong Caffeine Hit. High Roasted Brazil Estate and Smooth Ethiopian with a lashing of premium Robusta. High roasted to bring out the best bitter sweet dark chocolate caramelized biscuity flavours.


HAZELNUT (buttery nut) CARAMEL (toffee) IRISH CREAM (creamy whiskey) $64.00 MACADAMIA (creamy nut) SWISS CHOCOLATE (creamy fudge)

VANILLA LATTE(vanilla bean) We use 100% Organically Grown Coffee for ALL our Premium Flavoured Coffee Also available in DECAF for minimium 1kg Special Order

EXTRA RARE “TOP SHELF” COFFEE JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN 100% GRADE ONE $250.00 Maximum Discount Offered = 10% for MIN 2kg order Cupping notes: Smooth chocolate, very balanced with bold flavours Roast to Order only except Christmas available on demand. Silky smooth. Rare liquid gold by any brew method. There is no way of describing the unique flavour - expect sensationally smooth cream & milk chocolate notes. A benchmark coffee.

Discounts - Retail & Kilo Bags • Retail - 60g $7.00 - Coffees up to list price $60.00 • Retail - 200g $16.00 (up to $64/kg blends) • Retail - 500g ($29 for $56/kg, $31 for $60/kg etc.) • Retail Packs: (6/type) Min 18+ = 20%(c), Min 36+ = ABN/ACC Only  

Café 1kg Bulk Bags of Beans Discount:- • 2 x 1 kilo bags less 10% • 6 x 1 kilo bags less 20% • 10 x 1 kilo bags (c) & 20 x 1 kilo bags please enquire = ABN/ACC Only • BULK / Custom – enquire for minimum order.

• Available in Beans, Filter, Plunger, Espresso, Aeropress, Turkish. • ALL COFFEE ROASTED ONSITE and ground to order. • Allow 1-2 days for roasting & despatch plus courier time for deliver.

“The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Espresso®” P

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