PAPUA NEW GUINEA “Nebilyer Valley” Microlot


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PAPUA NEW GUINEA “Nebilyer Valley” Microlot



 “Nebilyer Valley” Microlot 

Grown on a small family owned farm at 1350 masl, in the Nebilyer Valley, Western Highlands, this bourbon typica variety is fully washed and sun dried at the Kuta mill, which has been in operation for over 40 years. 

The Kuta mill operates on neutral ground between the Ulga and Kolga tribes in the Western Highlands, and has become a place of common ground for producers who have traditionally been in conflict because of tribal differences.

In the medium bodied cup you will find some amazing expressions of New Guinea Highlands coffee flavours.

Experience unique fruit and spice characteristics, 

chocolate with brown sugar sweetness, toffee and red apple 

combined with cherry and raisin notes 

Brewed as Tasting Notes: 

Filter Plunger Aeropress

juicy, sweet, chocolate coated caramel toffee apple, berry notes


 Creamy caramel filled milk chocolate, sweet brown sugar berry notes

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